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Kiwano- African horned cucumber


Semiarid regions of southern and central Africa (Kalahari desert): mainly Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Nigeria. Was introduced to Australia 70 years ago and became a weed there.

Traditional Uses

Kiwano fruits are eaten as a supplement by the local population. Some people choose to use the kiwano as an ornament. I think it is better to eat it. The inside of a kiwano rather closely resembles a pomegranate (which is not a cucurbit), in that it is full of seeds, each surrounded by a bit of juicy flesh (shown on the wooden board in the above picture). You can eat these like pomegranates, chewing on the slippery flesh around the seeds. You can also dig out the seeds, then collect the pulp around them and use it as a sauce or a pudding.